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NUO as a tool for civil society progress

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23 March 2016
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Today Ukraine is close as ever to integrate into the European community. But this process is impossible without building a civil society, which is a prerequisite for the promotion of Ukraine to European civilization.

The formation of civil society in Ukraine is impossible without the existence and development of the third sector. An extensive system of NGOs is an important indicator of development of civil society. NGOs are perceived as one of the most effective forms of participation of citizens in decision-making and governance at the national and local levels. In addition, the NGOs rely expectations in solving a number of problems in Ukrainian society.

Despite the growth of NGOs should be noted that their number is quite small. The number of NGOs per 10 thousand. People falls far short of the EU.

For the effective functioning of Ukrainian NGOs is an important stage of strengthening their institutional capacity.

Today the Institute of civic education and public programs at the education market represents Professional course on management of the "Nonprofit Management", whose main objective is to strengthen the institutional capacity of NGOs.

So of civil society in our country becomes more and more important in the context of targeting European civilization values. The process of building civil society complex and contradictory marked a significant duration.

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