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Digital Youth: digital technologies as a tool for youth engagement in hromada development

Within the project Digital Youth teenagers from 14 to 17 years old from 22 amalgamated hromadas in Kyiv region will improve their digital competencies and will be equipped with knowledge and skills on how to raise citizens’ awareness and engagement into the development of the region with help of modern information and communication tools (hereinafter ICTs).

Project is divided into 3 main stages:

1. Selection stage

At this stage we are going to distribute a call for applications to select project participants. Project geography will be focused on amalgamated hromadas in Kyiv region in total quantity of 22. Target audience are high school students of 9th and 10th forms with average age of 14-17 years old

2. Educational programme 

- interactive game “World of Communities”;

- onsite trainings in design-thinking as a methodology for identification of a problem within a hromada and algorithm for its overcoming;

- communication&collaboration through ICTs;

- digital content creation;

- effective self-presentation.

3. Competition of awareness campaigns

Teams from 10 amalgamated hromadas of Kyiv region will have to create unique awareness campaign about problems in their hromadas. The winner will be determined by the jury on the final event in Kyiv. The winning team will receive a financial reward for further non-formal education in IT.

We believe that this project will help teenagers from small towns and villages become active citizens of their own hromada. We strive to attract as much initiative teenagers as possible who will transform their hromadas into successful, politically stable and economically powerful centers in the future. This project was created by youth and for youth who seeks and works for better future of Ukraine.

Join us! 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email

Digital Youth Project is implemented by Charity Fund Institute of Civic Education and Public Programs with support of the U-LEAD with Europe Programme and Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine.  

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