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Project Aim: to develop competencies of youth and broaden possibilities for their self-employment, to shape youth consciousness through global knowledge sharing.

Mission: to shape active, self-motivated, highly developed and culturally enriched young generation. 

Uniqueness: launch of a resource center, which gives the possibility for young people to acquire necessary knowledge, to share their experiences and skills, to widen geography of communication and to become aware of possibilities opened to young generation. It is a place where young people can “try on” themselves the role of young entrepreneurs, innovators and creators. 

 Project Objectives

  1. To create a resource center dedicated to the development of the Ukrainian youth. 
  2. To organize a platform aimed at support of youth initiatives. To provide support for youth collaboration and intercultural dialogue on the international level. 
  3. To organize informal sharing of ideas, experience and knowledge between young people from various regions and countries. To empower young generation for active participation in development and establishment of democracy. To motivate young people to hold active civic position. 
  4. To engage guest speakers (experts, practitioners, activists and other interesting individuals), who by means of informal education will share their experience of new venture development - from where to start and where to move to, how to promote their ideas effectively etc.  Moreover, they will be able to give some insights of how to create and manage initiative groups, start-ups in the field of technologies, ecology, innovations. 
  5. To prepare a platform for intensive cultural interaction where young people are able to organize intercultural dialogue and improve the understanding between youth of various cultures. To help to discover the peculiarities of cultures, races and religions and to teach young generation to respect and value cultural differences. 



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