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NGO UNIVERSITY is the first and unique project in Ukraine. This project is a crucial step towards self-sufficient civil society through education and development of NGOs. It is a platform for obtainment of practical knowledge and skills necessary for effective functioning of NGOs and sustainable development of the civil society in general.


Important steps in the development and establishment of democratic Ukrainian society is tolerance and respect to human rights. It is essential for citizens to know their rights and duties in order to be confident that they can influence changes in society.

Civic education is a system of individual education and training which provides the necessary conditions for the formation of moral citizenship, civic competence and gain experience of socially useful activity in the context of civic education programs. Civic education can not be realized through one separate discipline. This is a complex system, which, first of all, covers all areas of society and involves the use of practice-oriented and interactive methods of civil consciousness.

Challenges in the field of civic education are in the focus of many experts, work groups, organizations and participants of various conferences, meetings and seminars. But the driving force of civic education development in Ukraine is non-profit organizations (NGOs), since exactly employees of non-profit organizations are deeply motivated people who strive to change the world.

Development of non-profit organizations has significant impact on cultural, legal and democratic values of the society and plays a significant role in ensuring social stability. In Ukraine there is a relatively big number of NGOs. However, their development is often slowed down by the lack of comprehensive knowledge of administrative, technical, financial and other issues.

CF Institute of Civic Education and Social Programs" has addressed the experts in the field of development of effective NGO with a proposal to develop a comprehensive program to train specialists - qualified managers of non-profit organizations.

The result of close cooperation between experts and practitioners in non-profit sector has given a rise to a new project aimed at development of civil society by strengthening the functional capacity of non-profit organizations - NGO UNIVERSITY.

NGO UNIVERSITY -is a long-term project that aims to development of civil society through the development of non-profit organizations.

NGO UNIVERSITY introduces the following products:

Product 1: Professional management course for NGOs - Non-profit Managemen

Product 2: Strategic Management and Project Management for NGOs.

Product 3: Distance Learning Course - Management of NGOs.

Product 4: Corporate consulting sessions and practical workshops.

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